Question: One of our drivers, who typically operates a drop-side truck, inquired about driving an 18-tonne vehicle equipped with a crane. Although the driver is licensed and holds the necessary tachograph and driver qualification cards, they lack training in crane operation. With their regular vehicle currently unavailable and this crane-fitted vehicle being the only option, is it permissible for them to drive it?

Answer: Yes, under certain conditions, the driver can operate the 18-tonne vehicle. The Key is ensuring the driver understands and agrees not to use or attempt to operate the crane attachment, given their lack of training in this area. Despite not using the crane, the driver is still responsible for conducting thorough walkaround checks. This includes inspecting the crane for any signs of leaks, damage (particularly when it is in the stowed position), or any loose components. Any discovered defects or issues should be reported following standard procedures, just as they would with any vehicle they are qualified to drive. In summary, the driver can use the vehicle for transport purposes, provided they adhere to these safety and compliance measures.

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