Key Safety Tips for Operating Scaffolding Trucks

Scaffolding Safety is crucial when operating scaffolding trucks in the UK, a common tool for businesses in Construction, Roofing, and Landscaping. These trucks provide essential services, moving goods and equipment, but their interaction with the public demands stringent safety measures. Inadequate safety practices can lead to serious accidents, impacting not just the driver but also site personnel and the public.

The Health And Safety Executive (HSE) reported 123 work-related fatalities in the UK for 2021/22, with construction accidents forming a significant portion. Among these, 19% were caused by being struck by moving vehicles, highlighting the need for vigilant scaffolding truck safety. Here's how businesses can ensure the safe use of their scaffolding trucks:

Essential Scaffold Lorry Safety Tips:

  • Daily Vehicle Checks: Ensure drivers conduct daily checks and are well-trained in these procedures.
  • Driver Licence Checks: Regularly review driving licences for points or bans.
  • Regulation Compliance: Adhere to drivers' hours regulations.
  • Driver Communication: Assess the safety of calling drivers while on the road.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Maintain a strict vehicle maintenance schedule.

Loading and Unloading Safety:

  • Work from ground level for loading/unloading and securing the load when possible.
  • Address trip hazards like loose shrink wrapping.
  • Be cautious in adverse weather conditions.
  • Conduct loading activities away from traffic and machinery.
  • Consider using a harness on the truck bed.
  • Always load and unload on level, firm ground.

Securing Loads on Scaffolding Trucks:

  • Apply vehicle brakes before securing loads.
  • Ensure scaffolding is not leaned against or propped up by the side of the bed.
  • Distribute weight evenly to prevent sliding.
  • Avoid overloading for stability.
  • Regularly check the condition of the floor and deck.
  • Prevent overhanging loads.
  • Assess the load's stability during transit to mitigate offloading risks.

By implementing these practices, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities associated with scaffolding trucks. Stay updated and Stay Safe in the Workplace. For more information, contact us at đźšš